Food Safety Management System – ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is a Food Safety Management System that can be applied to any organization in the food industry.

Everyday all around the world food is produced, transported, sold and consumed. This means there’s always a risk of contamination and other food safety hazards.

ISO 22000 incorporates the HACCP principles and puts these in a broader framework which is aligned with generally recognized principles of Management Systems that drive continual improvement of performance.

The consequences of unsafe food can be serious and ISO’s food safety management standards help organizations identify and control food safety hazards. As many of today’s food products repeatedly cross national boundaries, International Standards are needed to ensure the safety of the global food supply chain.

Everyone wants to be in surrounding that we can trust with our food and the food products we buy. Hence having an ISO 22000 certification is a must for any business that revolves around the food industry. You would be better off having the confidence of your buyers and your clients with such standards being implemented in your business.


Why ISO 22000 is necessary for your Business?


Higher levels of efficiency:

Because you are implementing HACCP certification, your employees would be working in an environment that promises higher levels of efficiency. This would mean higher productivity and lesser wastages at work.


When you have a food and safety management system, you can be rest assured that your clients as well as your end users would be sure of the quality you provide.

This would boost sales in ways more than one. You would be able to vouch for quality that is not provided by any other competitor.

Brand image:

One of the key efforts to a successful food brand is the brand image that is created. With quality standards like ISO 22000 certification in place, attaining a good brand image is quite easy. Marketing your product would be extremely easy too just because you have built a reputable brand image.


Having an ISO 22000 certification can help make customers feel more secure in the safety of a business’s product; an increasingly important issue for both businesses and consumers.